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Mastering Precision: Introducing Our Advanced Laser Templator Software 

'No Experience Needed To Use' 
Laser Templator is a custom-developed 2D measuring program developed specifically for the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. When we first began to develop our templating lasers, we saw an industry that had not yet adapted to being fully digital. Along with that, we discovered that many of the fabricators did not have a strong use of CAD either. We decided that instead of offering a CAD program licensed with our laser that we would just develop one specifically for them. 

Real-Time Measurements 

Simply point the laser and tap on the screen. Move the laser to the next point and tap on the screen again. Once finished, do your offsets and corners. 

Layer Name Customisation 

Keep your jobs organised by assigning names to layers/colours of each edge type. These can be used for visual references when fabricating manually or pre-programmed to be used with automated machinery (CNC/waterjets/fab centers). 

Shop Sheets 

Shop Sheets help fabricators ensure each edge has the correct style on it and each piece is the correct size when fabricating manually. If you are a manual fabrication shop, have a look at the Allen Datagraph Vinyl Plotter. 
Product Specifications 
User Interface 
Translated into 13 languages 
No confusing CAD symbols 
Programmable layer names/edge types 
Records customer details 
Efficiency Features 
Built-in email functionality 
Integrates with many design and scheduling software programs 
Create estimates & shop sheets 
Allows for customer sign-off 
Capture and edit on-site 

Ready to transform your templating process with unrivalled precision and ease? 

Explore the capabilities of our Laser Templator Software and see how it can enhance your projects. Get Started Today - join the ranks of professionals who are shaping the future with cutting-edge technology. Your journey towards streamlined efficiency and impeccable accuracy begins here! 
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